Mckinstry Hompage on laptop screen


Mckinstry is a national construction and energy services company based out of Lisle, IL. I worked as the creative director under Strike-2 to help conceptualize, strategize, and design the overarching style for the new Mckinstry website. We worked closely with the fantastic Mckinstry team to find the professional/human balance for the aesthetic, and bring a bit more energy into the existing framework of the brand.

This project was owned and run by Strike-2. They are responsible for the project discovery, management, production, and development of the site.

Creative Direction
Site Strategy
Site Map
Mckinstry does a wide variety of projects for a number of clients all over the country. We needed the accesibility of these project case studies to be at the forefront. We also needed to show Mckinstrys true initiatives and values as a company. The resulting strategy for the site broke the struccture into four main sections, as well as a "Spark Innovation" resource center for easy access to all of the media they wanted to share.
Mckinstry site map


We spent a good deal of time with the Mckinstry team to understand the type of components that would work best for them once we handed off the project. Our wireframes helped them to understand the functionality of the component library we suggested, as well as the basic structure of their page templates before moving to design.

Mckinstry wireframes


We started the design phase by presenting three stylescapes. Introducing the team to button styles, patterns, image styles, graphics and layouts for their new aesthetic. We also introduced a new color to their existing brand palette for CTAs and buttons.

The team loved the second option, and we ran with the concept of the "lense circles". This was a fantastic graphic device for the web, giving us room for creative animations and functionality.
Mckinstry Stylscapes
Stylescape prototypes
To show you the styles in action, we built page mockups using each direction. The three prototypes below are paired with the above stylescapes.
Mckinstry Style Home page prototype mockups
Mckinstry Home page hero design
Home page hero
Mckinstry Project Page Hero
Mckinstry Home page mobile mockup
Mckinstry mobile screen mockup
Mckinstry Mobile screen showcase
Mckinstry Leadership page, desktop and mobile designs
Leadership page: Desktop and mobile
Mckinstry About page hero design
Who we are page
Mckinstry Projects and Market Expertise pages
Projects and Market Expertise