Acelyrin multiple website pages in grid


Acelyrin is an innovative biopharma company that identifies, acquires and accelerates the development and commercialization of transformative medicines. I partnered with Arcsec Digital to lead the redesign of their digital presence. I also co-led the strategy of the project, conducting a series of interviews with stakeholders on the project. The result was a unique digital experience and aesthetic style for the brand.


Website strategy co-built with Arcsec Digital. Development by Arcsec Digital.

Website Strategy
Web Design
Creative Direction
Acelyrin home page on laptop
Acelyrin card designs and hover state
Hover Card Design
Mckinstry Patients Page Hero Design
Acelyrin Who we are card design
Full-width Content Card Design
Acelyrin Our Science desktop page design, and our story mobile page design
Acelyrin Indications component on laptop
Indications Component
Acelyrin three page designs
Acelyrin Who We Are component mobile design
Acelyrin News Center mobile page design
Acelyrin Home page mobile showcase