Riverwoods Community

The Village of Riverwoods is a tight-knit preservation community in the northern suburbs of Chicago. I acted as the lead designer on the project under Varsity Time. Developing the logomark and brand aesthetic. This project included a full suite of logo marks, a flexible seasonal color palette, and design for all of the applications including signage, the police department badges, community brochures, and more.


Discovery, brand strategy, project management, and messaging by Jodi Navta of Varsity Time

Logo Design
Brand Aesthetic
Welcome to the woods
Riverwoods brand traits

Logo & Brand

Riverwoods is a preservation community with deep values around community connection and responsibility. These ideas served as the basis in our visual explorations for the logo.

Our early sketches show the transition from a stylized R symbol, into the eventual mark. A simple form that represents all of the physical elements of the community, as well as the abstract attributes of connectivity, safety, and privacy.

Riverwoods logo sketchesRiverwoods sketches round 2
Initial logo sketches
Symbol build
Symbol construction
Riverwoods symbol-green
Final Symbol
Riverwoods Primary Lockup
Primary Brandmark
Vertical lockup
Vertical Lockup
Riverwoods wordmark
Riverwoods symbol-green
Primary lockup-tan
Primary lockup-dark green

Color Palette

For the base pallete of the brand is a dark forest green and soft brown. These colors were influenced by photography of the surrounding preservation areas of the community. And gives the logo and materials a comforting, natural feel.

For a secondary palette, we wanted to explore the ideas of seasonal change, an idea that took root for the team, and came to fruition as a functional and creative expression of the Riverwoods scenery. We chose seven total colors for the palette, and then developed two-color combinations as individual seasonal palettes for spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Seasonal color palette concept
Seasonal color palette
Primary lockup-tan
Riverwoods Primary Lockup
Primary lockup-gray
Riverwoods spring palette lockup
Primary lockup-light green

Brand Activation

We built a detailed brand guideline for the brand stakeholders at the Village. Outlining color use, logo lockups, and more for them to use in their communications.

The end result is a brand system that the community is proud of, in addition to being a functional aesthetic that sets them apart.

Brand guidelines
Facebook platform graphics kit mockup
Business card design
Mug design
Riverwoods stationary design
Three brochure designs
Print brochure front and back
Brochure open to center spread
Close-up of brochure map design details
Riverwoods tshirt designs
Riverwoods Woodlands Preserve Sign