Volleyball mockup with MOD logo and colors

MOD Volleyball

When two of Illinois Youth Volleyball’s most iconic clubs — Division 1 Volleyball Club and Wildcat Juniors Volleyball Club — merged in 2020, I had the honor of assisting in the rebrand. I built the logo system, brand aesthetic, and graphics kit for the newly formed club.


Brand Naming, brand strategy and messaging by Jodi Navta of Varsity Time

Logo Design
Brand Aesthetic
Social media kit
Division 1 ond wildcat juniors logos together make MOD

Logo & Brand

The simplicity and strength of the name MOD gave us the opportunity to explore some fun applications before finally landing on a sturdy framed M symbol.

The symbol mark was chose after exploring many options through our sketching process. We loved that the chosen symbol seamlessly combined three visuals: The letters M and V for the name of the club, and the subtle image of raised arms in a volleyball stance.

The final form acts as a sturdy base for the brand, and the lockups we built around it are highly scaleable to allow for all uniform and digital applications.

MOD symbol construction
Symbol Construction
MOD blue symbol
MOD logo colorways
Logo system
Brand Guidelines
MOD brand guidelines

Color Palette and Typography

Working within an already. chosen uniform color set, we had some creative restrictions when deciding on the palette. This made us reach for unexpected choices and interesting combinations in a fun way. We landed on a dark navy-teal and a bright gold with the main idea being differentiation from other teams in the area. With the majority of other teams in the division using red and blue, our palette does this job well.

We had our symbol built first in this project, so our typography choices were narrowed down to something with square letterforms to fit the same aesthetic. As the name implies, Rigid Square is a geometric sans serif with rigid corners and a strong, sturdy form factor. We used this typeface as the base for the word mark and added some custom alterations to the letterforms for full ownership of the mark. It is also the primary typeface for all marketing and design applications. Montserrat is the highly legible secondary type for use in more functional typography applications.

MOD Blustery blue color
MOD gold color palette
Primary Typeface
MOD Type showcase-Rigid Square font
MOD Typography showcase-Montserrat
Secondary Typeface
Dark jersey design front and back
MOD symbol on jersey texture
MOD white jersey front and back
MOD player spiking a ball
MOD female player serving
Social template assets in mockup
MOD Social template designs
MOD banner design