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Anthym was a freight brokerage company based out of Chicago IL in 2019. Upon founding, they had a quick logo concept built for the brand. After some issues with printing and embroidery, they came to me for a refresh of the concept so it worked for all of their purposes in the physical and digital world.

Logo Refresh
Brand Aesthetic
Collateral Design
Existing logo corrections guide
The logo they handed off to me had a great concept, but a few issues that caused trouble for them in their branding. For the wordmark, they wanted a serif with some flourish, but the chosen font had ultra thin "hairlines" and "arms" throughout the letterforms. This gave it issues when scaling, especially in print and small digital use cases.
The symbol had a few issues as well. Mis-alignment of shapes, overly small details, and too many similar colors.
Logo corrections guide

Logo Refresh

The Anthym team loved the flag concept, as well as the sharp edges and rigid shapes of the mark they had. So I kept the concept, but rebuilt the mark for them with cleaner lines and reasoning. The symbol was re-constructed from a grid with a focus on simplicity so it works great in a single color and scales flawlessly.

Anthym symbol construction
Symbol construction
White symbol on blue
Font corrections
The team loved the idea of using an unexpected serif for their wordmark, instead of jumping on the sans serif bandwagon like most competitors. While I had my reservations, and showed them a few options, we ultimately decided to keep their font, but make some alterations to make it more legible and scaleable.
I also subtly shifted the heights and angles in the "n", "t", and "h" to give some consistency and balance to the full brandmark. Now, when the flag was included, it has a feeling of a "raising" as you read the mark.
Wordmark corrections
Primary logo lockup construction
Brandmark construction
White and gray logo on blue
Anthym full color logo-dark


The amount of colors, and proximity of the palette they had was adding to the struggles of the brand identity. I helped refine the palette by choosing a brighter more saturated blue for the primary. Supported by a set of greys and a dark blue for contrast. The greys also act as a gradient in the mark and materials. Giving things a metalic look when appropriate.

Anthym color palette
White, grey, and blue symbol on navy
White and gray logo on blue
Circle symbol lockup-blue
Circle symbol grey
Anthym office sign
Anthym Business Card Designs
Three posters that say "Raise Your Flag"
Social media graphics kit
Social media branding