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Riggo was a fresh face in the logistics industry, offering shippers easy and secure capacity in their transparent freight marketplace. They were also an early player in the integration of Ai with their proprietary freight-matching technology. Riggo came to us for a full rebrand, strategy, messaging, and website.


Brand strategy and copy writing by Amy Beth Frye Previs (My beautiful wife)

Logo Design
Brand Aesthetic
Name update
Web Design
I start all of my projects with a bespoke, in-depth discovery. Collaborating with the client stakeholders and learning the why and how of the business.
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Riggo came to us as "RigGoh". A spelling slight of hand that the founders developed early on.  We suggested they drop the H and staggered capitalization to become the more streamlined, "Riggo"

After the name alteration, we began strategizing lockups and symbol possibilities for the brand. Riggo aimed to be a leader in freight technology with a proprietary product that optimized shipment scheduling, fleet routing, and quoting. The logo needed to reflect this tech leadership, but also be grounded in a sense of approachability.

The final mark is a take on a capitol letter R built from two stacking shapes. The small square is representational of a point on a map, and references the shape of a circuit or bit for the technology focus of the brand.

Full color Riggo primary lockup on Dark purple
Teal symbol on purple
Riggo symbol-purple on teal
Vertical logo lockup-full color on dark
Vertical logo lockup-white on purple
Business card design
Technology that delivers
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Logo on hat
Brand guidelines


We built a graphic device for the Riggo brand in the form of a series of textures. These textures represent the movement and connectivity of the industry. When combined with the Riggo palette, they feel digital and alive.

Isometric Grid Texture
Isometric pattern swatch-full gradient color
Isometric pattern swatch-TealIsometric pattern swatch-purple on blackIsometric pattern swatch-White on black
Arrow Grid Texture
Arrow texture swatch-Full color gradients
Arrow texture swatch-Teal on blackArrow texture swatch-teal on dark purpleArrow texture swatch-Purple on dark
Business card design-front and back
Brochure design-front and back
Print brochure design
Brochure open to first page
Brochure open to center spread
Riggo banner design
Riggo social template graphics showcase
Social media kit template
Social Post layout templates
Social templates


Riggos website needed a new architecture, strategy, and visual face lift to do a better job of establishing the brand. As the first touchpoint for many potential clients, we needed a simple and effective user experience to drive the sales funnel for the team.

Our redesign placed technology and people at the heart of the experience. Not only was it a great product and company, but the 24/7 support and team really cared about their customers.

We built them a component set to use in their CMS for any future additions or landing pages. All structured around a clean, branded web design system.

Home page website design on laptop
Freight quote page design desktop and mobile
Home page design on mobile
Careers page mobile design
Ship and haul CTAs mobile design
About, Shippers, and Careers page designs