Spicy golf logo-white

Spicy Golf Co.

Spicy Golf is a lifestyle clothing brand with a deep respect for the foundation of the sport. With a mission to bring a fresh twist to the golf apparel industry with attire that is cool both on and off the course. I had the pleasure of building the visual identity. Complete with a custom type wordmark, badge lockups, and an apparel design set.

Logo Design
Brand Aesthetic
Apparel Design
Our competitor analysis and audience research placed Spicy on a spectrum that focused on classic looks, with a wild(spicy) flare. This put us on the path for a truly unique brand that would have the right attitude in a crowded market.
Creative brief
Brand Traits
Brand traits: Respectful, Heritage, Fierce, Quality, Unique


Spicy was built in Chicago. So we knew looked at chicagoland imagery and brands from the start. The brand traits of heritage and quality also inspired our sketching process. Giving us the room to explore a range of looks for the brand.

After a lot of exploration, we knew we wanted a stylized wordmark to set the tone. The resulting custom blackletter font forms the spicy part of the spicy brand. Giving it an attitude, but with roots in tradition and quality.

The S of the wordmark serves as a flexible symbol for the brand. Allowing scaleability and giving us room to experiment with badge layouts and more custom apparel designs. It also just looks great embroidered.

Spicy logo sketches
Spicy logo construction
Custom wordmark build
Spicy wordmark black and white
Spicy Golf Company logo lockup
Spicy Golf Co. Logo lockup
White symbol on black

Color Palette

The golf apparel brands in our competitive analysis lived in a sea of black and white, so the world of color was relatively open to us. We wanted a palette that fit the name, without being too "on-the-head". The custom red we chose leans towards violet on the wheel, making it much more friendly and inviting. When paired with the blue and khaki, it can look classy and premium as well.

Color palette
Spicy Golf Company logo full color
Spicy Golf Co. white on red
Red symbol on khaki
Full color badge, red on blue
Circle badge, symbol on blue on red background
Red badge on khaki
Sarisa symbol embroidered on polo shirt
Logo printed on black paper
Clothing tag design
Symbol on ball
Sarisa business cards
Spicy wordmark logo on polo
White and blue polo and hat designs
Polo colorway designs
Spicy tshirt designs